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A Step Above the Rest:

This is not a sales slogan, but rather our pledge to you. We stand behind this statement with our guarantee, “If you can find a better safe for less cost, Superior Safe will refund your money in full.”  We define better to mean: level of security, fire protection, quality of finish and workmanship. This guarantee is good for one year following your purchase.

All Superior Safes are made with U.S. Steel. The Untouchable, Supreme & Master Series are all assembled in the U.S. as well.

For more information on Superior Safes, please go to superiorgunsafes.com or email Pat at shamrock@hutchtel.net

For details on fire information for our safes, please see the fire information in section 2 - Fire Protection Details.

For more information on each of the safes shown below, click on the safe image and Superiorgunsafes page for that safe will open.

Untouchable Series

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We take great pride in producing the Untouchable. They are hand-built one at a time by our best craftsmen using only the finest American-made materials. It is our strongest, most secure safe. Triple Fire Seals: Intumescent (heat-expanding) fire seals, when heated above 300°F, can expand up to ten times their original thickness, sealing out heat. Double and triple seals are especially effective at achieving ratings of over an hour. Rope or other types of seals are not as effective. Triple-Step™ Door Design Our finest door design, the ultimate in door security, is used on the Supreme and Untouchable Series, giving added strength and pry-resistance. The massive Triple-Step™ door contains 5/8" of steel, 1/2" solid outer steel and 10-gauge full inner steel. The Untouchable provides over 37 times the body strength and over 300 times the door strength of the lightweight 2 mm or 14-gauge safes.


Supreme Series

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The Supreme Series–its elegance is only surpassed by its security. Sculpted classic lines, recessed door and radiused corners provide classic steel work second to none. The Supreme's body is pressure formed from 3/16" American-made carbon steel offering 16 times the steel strength of the lightweight imported safes. Its Double-Steel Door Casement™ quadruples the strength of its door opening. Its massive Triple-Step™ Door Design offers real security. The door contains 1/2" of steel, 3/8" solid outer and full 12-gauge inner. The door provides 126 times the strength of the China-built safe doors.

Master Series

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The Master Series is Superior's best-selling safe. This masterpiece has it all–the right combination of security, fire protection, style and enduring value. The Master's first line of defense is its body and door construction. Its 10-gauge steel body, with Double-Steel Door Casement™, is almost 6 times stronger than the lightweight 14-gauge box store safes. The body is pressure formed with a 5/8" corner radius bend, increasing strength and providing distinctive styling. Its Double-Step™ door contains 3/8" of steel thickness, 1/4" outer steel plus a 12-gauge inner steel plate. The door edge is increased to 1/2" using multi-layer reinforcements. The door is approximately 38 times stronger than the lightweight China-built containers.

Regal Series

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Build something better! That was our challenge when we designed the Regal Series. We define better to mean, "Improvement throughout all aspects of the safe." The Regal's body steel is increased to 11-gauge (.120) steel, 45% stronger than 12-gauge and over four times stronger than the lightweight China safes. The body is reinforced with a Double-Steel Door Casement™. The heart of the Regal is the 5/16" thick Double-Step™ door. The outer steel is 3/16" while the full inner steel is 12-gauge, making the door 16 times stronger than the China-built containers.

Ironside Series

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Why do we call it the Ironside? Because it has more steel than anything in its class. The Ironside's body is pressure formed from American-made 12-gauge steel which is almost 3 times stronger than 2 mm or 14-gauge steel used in most China-built or lightweight American containers. The Ironside's door is constructed from 10-gauge steel plate with a multi-layer 7/16" edge reinforcement. This door is almost 6 times stronger than what you will find on most imported safes. The heavier steel used in the body and door, plus the Double-Steel Door Casement™, creates a pry-resistant steel foundation.

2 - Fire Protection Details (Degrees are in Fahrenheit)


*To receive fire certification, the maximum internal temperature must remain below 350°F.

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